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Jones Snowboard Dream Catcher Split 19/20

Jones Snowboard  Dream Catcher Split 19/20

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Jones Snowboard  Dream Catcher Split 19/20

The Playful Backcountry Charger - Ideal for backcountry touring in all-condition

The Dream  Catcher Split is a high performance splitboard with a friendly flex. It`s the ideal split for backcountry riders looking for a playful board that`s easy to ride in any terrain or any snow condition. The Dream Catcher`s Directional shape and Directional Rocker profile provide confident stability riding through soft or rough snow. On icy skin tracks or firm descents, the Inner/Outer Traction Tech 1.0 edges offer enhanced edge grip. The Dream Catcher Split is built with premium materials including a Sintered 7000 base, an Eco-plastic topsheet and a new FSC Classic Core that is specially profiled for added pop. For rock solid board conneciton in ride mode, the Dream Catch Split comes with Karakoram K-clips...

Shape Tech:
- Directional Shape
- Directional Flex pattern
- Blunt  Nose
- Inside & Outside Traction Tech 2.0
- Progressive Sidecut
- Quick Tension Tail Clip

Personality: Flex  6/10 = Friendly

Technical Details;  for 154
Edge Length    115,1 cm
Tip Length          24,7 cm 
Tail Length         20,7 cm
Shaping Waist  Width  24,4 cm
Sidecut                   7,2 cm
Centered Stance    53,0 cm

Size;  145,148, 151, 154cm
Price: 749,95¤

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