Jones Snowboard "Flagship" 17/18

Jones Snowboard

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Jones Snowboard "Flagship" 17/18

The Freeride Foundation... Ideal for Freeriding and Fall-Line Freestyle...

Seen in lift lines at the heaviest resorts the world over, the Flagship has locket down the reputation as the most confidence inspring snowboard on the planet. Jeremy Jones has spent the last 20 years honing every detail of the Flagship to offer such breakthrough performance. We overhauled the Flagship by using new materials and fine tuning the shape. Power V Basalt stringers add torsional stability while the Spoon 3.0 Nove and Tail deliver mind bending glide and float. The wood topsheet on the Flagship has been replaced with Flax Fiberglass for added ECO-performance and the Mellow Magne-traction profile has been improved for added edge grip on hardpack.

Technical Details;  for 162w             164
Edge Length    123,0 cm                   124,6cm
Tip Length          29,5 cm                      29,7cm
Tail Length         19,0 cm                       19,2cm
Tip Width             30,3 cm                      29,5cm
Shaping Waist  Width  26,3 cm           25,4cm
Tail Width             30,2 cm                     29,4cm
Sidecut                   9,3 cm                        9,3cm
Reference Stance  60,0 cm                  60,0cm
Centered Stance    58,0 cm                58,0cm

Size; 154, 158, 159w, 161, 162w, 164, 165w, 166, 169w, 172 cm
Price: 599,00€


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